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Four Seasons Wall Hangings – 4 of 4 – Spring


This is the last of my Four Seasons wall hangings and I think it is my favorite. I love all the birds and their nests. If you missed seasons 1-3 you can find them on my previous posts.

Shown below they are hanging in window openings on the second floor of my house. It was very hard to get pictures. I ended up scrunched up on the stairway without a way to get all four in the picture at one time.



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Four Seasons Wall Hanging 3 of 4 – Winter


Here is number three of my Four Seasons wall hangings. The snowy winter scene was yardage fabric that I cut into six sections and added sashings.    To see the first two wall hangings of this series you can find them here: Four Seasons Wall Hanging #1 of 4 – Summer  and Four Seasons Wall Hanging – #2 of 4 – Fall.

This wall hanging was based on a pattern called Autumn Retreat designed by eQuilter and Jude Spero of Little Louise Designs.

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Grandma’s Kitchen BOW, block #8 of 25


Block #8 of Pat Sloan’s Grandma’s Kitchen BOW is called Grandma’s Apron. My story about mammaw’s apron is probably the same as everyone…these were not clothing accessories. They were a much used and necessary tool. The apron was put on every morning immediately on top of the everyday dress and not taken off until bedtime. It was full-skirted with gathers around the waist, ties for tying in the back, and big pockets. Mammaw’s dresses came to her ankles and the apron reached from the waist to the bottom of her dress. She always kept a ‘better’ apron hanging on the back of the door that could be quickly grabbed and put on if company came to the door.

Her apron was used as a pot holder to grab the handles of hot pans from the stove, to wipe sweat and tears as needed, to hold clothes pins for hanging out clothes, as a bucket when gathering eggs and vegetables from the garden, as a dust cloth or to dry her hands, and to hold all kinds of items in the pockets. She even kept a needle and thread in the pockets to make repairs as needed.

Mammaw made her ‘fancy’ aprons from feed sack fabric and her everyday aprons were made from old dresses that were no longer usable. The front part of the dresses always had a little more use to them as they were protected by the apron.

This block is my favorite so far. Y’all know that I am afraid of applique but it is so stinking cute!

It is not too late to join this free quilt along. It is a lot of fun.


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Moda Blockheads BOW #24 of 48


We are at the half way mark for Moda Blockheads. Block #24 is called Corn No Beans from Carrie Nelson of Moda Fabrics. All I can say about this block is, “Whew” but it is a striking block when completed. HST are usually not a problem for me other than all the joined seams on back and I am amazed at all the designs that can be achieved from the different placements. Using the Magic 8 method of making the HST was really a time saver, but I think they would have been easier and quicker using the triangle papers or the raw edge placement.

Thank you Carrie for another fun and beautiful block.




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I Wish You A Merry Quilt Along – Block 2


Block #2 of the I Wish You A Merry Quilt Along, 2017 is from April Adams of Janda Bend Quilts. I used the Tri Recs Triangle Ruler for the first time since purchasing it over a year ago. After being intimidated by these little pieces of plastic for so long I decided to make an attempt. I am happy to say it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Only two little 3 1/2″ blocks were sacrificed before I figured it out. It may not be perfect but I did not take the tops of any of my trees.

I am looking forward to seeing the other blocks the group has completed.

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Four Seasons Wall Hanging – #2 of 4 – Fall


Here is my #2 of the Four Seasons Wall Hanging series. It is based on a pattern called Autumn Retreat designed by eQuilter and Jude Spero of Little Louise Designs.

The fabric is yardage from JoAnn’s that I cut apart and added the window sashes. The borders are batik fabrics and I quilted it on my Juki long arm machine called Miss Daisy (as in driving Miss Daisy).

Two more to go.

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Four Seasons Wall Hanging #1 of 4 – Summer


The entry of my house opens to the stairway, upstairs landing, and a long hallway to the kitchen and living room. The second floor room that houses my ‘sweat shop’ has four openings looking out to the stairway and the downstairs entry way. These window type openings are the perfect place to display small quilts or wall hangings.  Since I have four openings I thought of the four seasons even though we do not have the typical seasons here in sunny Florida.

The wall hanging pattern I picked is called Autumn Retreat designed by eQuilter and Jude Spero of Little Louise Designs. Their pattern featured a lovely fabric called Nature Hike for Timeless Treasures and had six window type blocks all together to make one large wall hanging. Since my windows are 35″ wide and I have four, I thought I would adjust the pattern to make it work as individual units.

The first of my Four Seasons projects is Summer. I found this fabric at JoAnn’s as yardage and not a panel but it has everything I think of as summer related: watermelons, flags, picnics, and pickup trucks.

Three more seasons to post.

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Deer Lover’s Quilted Wall Hanging


A friend of mine asked me to make him a wall hanging from this panel his wife picked up at a close out sale. He only wanted it bordered and quilted with a ‘way to hang’ it on the back. I showed him pictures of panels cut and framed to look like a window but he was sure of what he wanted, so here it is. I used moss green batik for the first border and bark brown batik for border #2. After quilting I used a black binding and added a hanging tube on the back. He was very happy with the result and I will probably get a few more orders from his friends.


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Pets on Quilts Show 2017-Sami the Wonder Dog

This is Sami, better known as Sami The Wonder Dog. She is my Quilting Assistant (meaning she grabs every block or scrap I drop on the floor and adds it to her stash under the table), Inspector, (she can spot an untrimmed thread from across the room), and Watch Dog (that does not bark). I think she has joined the Dog Workers Union because she insists on having a potty break every hour, to include fresh ice in her bowl and a treat. Now she is branching out and is entered into the Pets on Quilts contest at Lily Pad Quilting. Please visit Lily Pad and vote for Sami. I know she will appreciate it, but I don’t know if I will be able to afford the increase in pay she will demand.

Please vote for Sami. She is #15.


Pets on Quilts 2017

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Grandma’s Kitchen Challenge Block #7 of 25


This week for our BOW Pat Sloan at I Love To Make Quilts  has designed a block called Oh My Stars! For her grandparent’s story of the week she told us about their favorite sayings.

I never heard my Ma Neal say anything in anger but I did see ‘the look’ many times. My Mammaw Cooper was the more vocal of the two. When she would get upset with one of us kids she would say “Lord, have mercy”  or the favorite Southern expression of, “Bless her/his heart” and quietly say, “She/he doesn’t know how stupid they are”.  Now mind you, this is what she said in front of us kids. What she said to Pappaw when she was angry was something else entirely and I will not repeat it here. My cousins and I learned some of our best forbidden words when she was ‘sharing her opinion of his actions’ with him. I can remember her telling Pappaw that she was going to have to pray for forgiveness on Sunday and it was all his fault.