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Sami On Guard Duty


We have a family of rabbits turning our back yard into a rabbit sanctuary. Sami has a hard time with sharing anything, but especially her back yard. That is part of her domain, along with the whole house and the car. When we go outside for a potty break I go out first and do a rabbit patrol to make sure they scatter before Sami decides they need exercise and chases them.

She is pretty patient with them as long as she is just looking down on them from her upstairs bedroom but she goes on meltdown when she thinks they might get too close to her sunning chair.


I picked this old chair up at a yard sale for $8 and replaced the webbing with fabric. I also made a cute cushion from outdoor fabric but Sami refuses to sit on the chair with the cushion, so away it goes. Can you tell she is the queen?

Sometimes the rabbits play under the chair and Sami has what us Southerners call a ‘hissy fit’. I go out and relocate them to another part of the yard and all is well in Sami Land again.

Just to let you know that I am not the only Sami Slave, my friend makes me walk to the street from my cul de sac when she picks me up for a lunch date– so she doesn’t have to see Sami’s sad face in the window.  🙂

When I leave this earthly world I want to come back as a pampered pet.

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Grandma’s Kitchen BOW-Block 3 of 25


Pat Sloan’s Grandma’s Kitchen Challenge block #3 is called Key Holder. We are supposed to post our blocks and write about a memory that the block’s name inspires. I have no memories of keys associated with either set of grandparents. Neither my dad’s parents nor my mother’s grandparents (they raised my mother after her mother died when she was 11 months old) had keys. Neither drove a car or locked their houses.

My great-grandpa Neal worked in the coal mines and he would walk to the railroad track and catch what was called a ‘man car’ to take him to the mines each day to work. He was paid in ‘script’ that could only be spent at the Company Commissary (store) or the Company Doctor. The Commissary had a large box truck that would run a regular route (their day was Thursdays) that was stocked with supplies from the store. The miner’s families could buy supplies from what was called the Rolling Store with script. The doctor made house calls when needed.

My Pappaw on my dad’s side worked at the rock quarry and he walked to work each day. One of my earliest memories of him was that I could hear him walking home from work because he would be singing at the top of his voice. I couldn’t wait for him to come in sight so I could run out and meet him.

I came from a long line of God fearing, hard working people and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Thanks for reading.

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Starry Log Cabin Quilt-finished


I can finally post what I have been working on for the past four months as it has now been gifted. Anyone that knows me understands how hard it was for me to keep this a secret but now I don’t need to anymore. 🙂

I call this quilt the Starry Log Cabin and it is completed with navy blue stars, that looked black at my house, and shades of browns and off whites. I also made four pillowcases and a throw pillow to match. As you can see from my lilac wall and night table covers it was not meant to go in my bedroom but I am hoping that it will look nice in the recipient’s room.




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Tribute to my ‘bonus’ grandchildren’s father

It is with a heavy heart that I post this message today. My wonderful bonus grandchildren’s father passed away this weekend from ALS. He was the most dedicated father I have ever met. Always the first to think up or join in on any fun activity that came along that involved his kids. He would drive in from another state to watch a ball game or attend any school function that involved his kids. They went hiking, mountain climbing, and many other activities as a loving family. It helped that the dad was the biggest ‘kid’ among them.

I was awarded admission into this amazing family group when my son married a sweet lady with two children. They blended well with few, if any, bumps along the way (that I didn’t even hear about as we live in different states.) If anyone wrote a script about how divorced parents should act and raise their children, these people would win the award. All three (my son, DIL, and X husband) joined together to make it happen without waves. The extended family of all sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. read the rule book and followed it. They are all amazing people.

The result of this dedication to put the children first is two adult children that are happy, educated, and well-adjusted and an extended family that is mourning the loss of a wonderful fun-loving dad that left an impression on everyone that had the privilege of knowing him. They come away knowing they had two sets of parents that love them.

ALS is a horrible disease that takes the lives of so many of our young, robust people. Please support the continuing effort to stamp out and control this disease.