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Moda Blockheads BOW #27 & 28


Moda Blockheads block #27 is called Union Variation by Jo Morton of  Jo Morton Quilts. I can see so many possibilities with this block, which is usual with half square triangles. Another fun block from Jo.

Block #28 is an applique block appropriately called Pumpkin by Jan Patek. This is a quick block that, I think, turned out very cute and will make a charming addition to my Blockheads quilt.

I am so glad that Hurricane Irma is gone but my heart aches for the people who lost so much during this storm. Sami and I are almost back  to our regular schedule, other than suffering from jet lag. 🙂 BUT we are not taking the upstairs storm shutters down until we know Hurricane Maria will be no threat to us.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Florida and Texas.


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Moda Blockheads BOW #26 of 48


This week’s Blockhead is called the Cat’s Cradle by Betsy Chutchian. I love blocks that allow me to use a focal square in the middle, especially if I can fussy cut. As I have added my fat chickens on several blocks already, this time the rooster received center stage.

This was another fun block to work on but I have to admit using Jack the Ripper when I sewed those little rust colored triangles to the wrong side of the HST on all six blocks. Grrr.

Looking forward to seeing what other blocks come from this wonderful pattern.

Moda Fabrics



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Moda Blockheads BOW #25 of 48


Blockheads block #25 is called Twice the Friendship by designer Lynne Hagmeier of  Kansas Troubles Quilters. As always Lynne provided directions for both her Layered Patchwork and traditional piecing methods to construct the blocks. Even though this block design was new to me, with Lynne’s easy to follow instructions it was very quick and fun to work out.

I am so pleased with this BOW project. Each designer has provided beautiful blocks with easy to follow directions. The blocks are always waiting every Wednesday as soon as I get up, and yes it is one of the first things I do on Wednesday morning.

The blocks are available for download at Moda Fabrics.   Even if you do not have time for another project at this time save them for a later date. The blocks are great and I have plans to use the patterns to make more quilts down the road.

Thanks for visiting.





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Moda Blockheads BOW #24 of 48


We are at the half way mark for Moda Blockheads. Block #24 is called Corn No Beans from Carrie Nelson of Moda Fabrics. All I can say about this block is, “Whew” but it is a striking block when completed. HST are usually not a problem for me other than all the joined seams on back and I am amazed at all the designs that can be achieved from the different placements. Using the Magic 8 method of making the HST was really a time saver, but I think they would have been easier and quicker using the triangle papers or the raw edge placement.

Thank you Carrie for another fun and beautiful block.




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Moda Blockheads BOW #23 of 48


It is Wednesday again! These weeks just fly by and I really look forward to Wednesday because it is Blockheads Day. The block this week is called Winneconne Star designed by Lisa Bongean. Of course it is another of my favorites because it is a star design and it is not difficult.

As this was the first block of the week I participated in I do not have a lot of experience on how they run, but this group of talented ladies really have it organized. I know on Wednesday mornings I can go directly to Facebook or the Moda website and download the pattern and instructions immediately. Early bird people usually have their completed blocks already downloaded so we can get ideas. I have really enjoyed sewing along with this group.

Cannot wait to see what next Wednesday brings us.

Moda Blockheads

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Moda Blockheads BOW #22 of 48


Any of you that is following the Moda Blockheads BOW is thinking: That doesn’t look anything like block #22….Well, this is the alternative block graciously designed for all of us non-applique people by Lisa Bongean at Primitive Gatherings.  As you can see I was able to fussy cut another of my fat chickens for the center square. I mistakenly said I purchased the chicken/rooster print fabric at JoAnn’s but I discovered it is actually a Waverly print from Walmart.

One of these days I will be happy with my applique, just not today and probably not tomorrow either. I think I have a mind block when it comes to applique, or I am just applique challenged.

Shown below is the ACTUAL block #22. It is called Birdhouse and is designed by the very talented  Jan Patek. I did not sew the pictured block. It came directly from Jan’s website so you could see what a beautiful applique should look like. Believe me, if you saw my block it would look nothing like this.

                                                     Jan Patek’s Birdhouse block #22

for Moda Blockheads

Thanks for reading my blog. Please feel free to leave comments.


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Moda Blockheads BOW #21 of 48


It’s Wednesday again and time for another Blockheads block. This is my version of Jo Morton’s Flying Geese Variation. I really enjoyed working on this block and any block that I don’t need to ‘pick and grin’ is a good one for me. As usual I changed the color placement around a little but either design makes a great block.

You can see more of Jo Morton’s beautiful work click on the link. To see more variations of the Blockheads click here Moda Fabrics.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.


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Moda Blockheads – BOW #20


Moda Blockheads BOW #20 is called Devil’s Claws by Betsy Chutchian. It is a lovely block and easy to do, but I’m sorry to say that I did not do it justice. By not following the very clear directions I will lose some of my points when I join the block to my others. This is what happens when I get distracted. I WILL be redoing this one.

The instructions to this block and all previous blocks are on the Moda Fabrics Blog site.


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Moda Blockheads BOW-Block#19


I enjoy Wednesdays because it is Blockheads day. Today is Block #19 of 48 and it is called Night Flight by designer Lynn Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles Quilters. It is another of my favorites. I like doing flying geese and I can see improvements each time. I still have an issue with my corners sometimes but I will eventually get them.

Picture #2 is the blocks I have completed so far. I think I did the alternative block in addition to the main block once as I have 20 blocks.

All blocks and instructions to make each can be found at the Moda Fabrics website. I like seeing all the different blocks that is produced from the one pattern.



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Moda Blockheads BOW #18


Moda Blockheads Block #18 is called Rocky Mountain Puzzle by Carrie Nelson.  I love patterns that let me showcase a certain block and this one is perfect for my fat chicken. It was quick and easy but looks difficult. I can see making this block into a large quilt.

This BOW is perfect for anyone wanting to learn different techniques, join a fun group, and to end up with a lovely quilt. You are welcome to join us at the Moda Blockheads Facebook group or Moda Fabrics. I am always amazed at the different varieties and color combinations that come from one pattern.